Packing: 2 x 5ml Somatropin 15mg(45iu)
Active Ingredient: Somatropin rDNA origin in liquid form
Dosage Form: Liquid Form

Purification rate:
RP-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 97%
SEC-HPLC (EP 8.0) > 99 %
Endotoxin level: <4 iu/mg
Host-cell-derived protein residues < 90 ppm/mg

Artitropin Liquid 90iu is a liquid-shaped, revolutionary recombinant growth hormone (rHGH). Artitropin Liquid is developed to ensure that rHGH is of high purity and best possible quality. It consists of state-of-the-art technology and function and ensures greater performance The Laboratory Tests were performed on it, and significant results are seen in using Artitropin Liquid for Human Growth Hormone production.



Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is indeed an effective drug used to treatment of hormone deficiency. The creation of transgenic HGH using a pen-injection technique has allowed the simple and safe treatment of HGH deficient patients.

Artitropin Liquid is new on the market and the positive thing is that it’s premixed. You do not have to mix it all the time. Artitropin Liquid is naturally developed (Somatropin) for the body and assists in many different processes such as body, hair, skin tone, and muscle strength.

What are the benefits associated with it?

Following are the benefits of using Artitropin Liquid:

Enhanced protein synthesis
Inhibits protein breakdown
Optimizes the consumption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body, thereby reducing the need for nutrients in tissues (this is manifested in a decrease in appetite)
Enhanced lipolysis
– Because of the intensification of the construction of new collagen and protein structures, it has a rejuvenating effect and allows you to heal injuries of the articular-ligamentous apparatus, which is very much over by athletes
It stimulates the growth of all cells of the body, which implies it’s inclusion in hormone replacement therapy in the elderly
Actively affects the growth of bones in lenght in children in puberty
Strengthens bone mineralization
Acts on increasing blood glucose levels
Improves the state of immunity (including by improving the condition of the themes gland)